The Dream Test

It’s that ‘dream’ word again and this week I’m using it according to Webster’s Dictionary of American usage where a ‘dream’ can be defined as something tangible and achievable – almost, but not quite, synonymous with a ‘vision’ or ‘ambition’.
The point is that for the purpose of this insight your ‘dream’ is something that you intend to come into being and believe will come into being.
Something that you want to achieve, and part or all of your personal vision for your life.
Whatever you and I describe this as, we all have thigs that we ‘want’ to do, be or have.
You and I have goals and targets and plans and so on but these are ‘less’ than ‘the dream’. They go together to make up the ‘dream’ of what you and I want to be, do, have and give back or contribute to our society or environment.
Yes – you and I all have many things we want to do, but here’s the thing.
Are all these goals, targets and plans part of the ’dream’, or are some of them distractions or constrictions that might get in the way of you and I really achieving our ‘dreams.?
The first question you and I can ask about what you are doing and where you are heading is:
Does it give me life?
Does the intention, goal, target, plan, ambition, vision or dream really make you feel, deep down, that it is adding to who you really are?
Does it align with my core values?
Is it something that you believe in? Is it consistent with who you or I really think we are? Is it something we can be proud of when we tell others about it?
The third question:
Will it cause me to grow?
Will whatever it is that you or I are doing or planning to do, add value to ourselves? Will it make us better human beings?
Will you and I think better of ourselves when we’ve carried out and completed the process that leads us to the fulfilment of our dreams?
The next two questions are critical and the first of these is:
Do I need help from a higher power?
What do I mean by ‘higher power’?
A higher power can be anything or anyone. At one extreme it can be the Universe, God, the ‘Force’ or however you think of the infinite power of creation.
At the other end of the scale it might be a mentor or a coach or simply someone who knows more about whatever it is that you or I want to achieve.
You see –
If you and I already know exactly what we need to do, how to do it and when to do it and already have the resources to make it happen, it doesn’t really qualify as a ‘dream’.
It may be part of a higher dream but one of the key characteristics of a dream is that you and I don’t quite know how to get there. And often, when we do ‘get there’, you and I wonder “how did that happen”.
For you and I to achieve our dreams we need help; both human help and help from ‘a higher power’.
Finally – and most of all:
Is there good in it for others?
Now this doesn’t mean that in order to have a dream you and I have to want to undertake a massive philanthropic exercise or achieve ‘sainthood’ through ‘good works’.
If you or I just make one other person happy, or even just happier than they were before in a very small way, then yes, there is good in it for others.
I have a dream – and I’m off to do some tests!
How about you?