Good Vibrations

“I’m picking’ up good vibrations” sang the Beach Boys back in the day – but what are ‘good vibrations’?
And for that matter, what are ‘bad vibrations?
Good vibes and bad vibes – or as Oddball (Donald Sutherland) put it in ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ – ‘negative waves’ and ‘positive waves’.
We are familiar with the idea of ‘waves’ transmitting something – radio, light, heat, sound and so on.
Waves vibrate, or oscillate, at a certain frequency – how many vibrations or ‘up and down’ movements are made in a second.
The time factor is not relevant, it’s just our way of measuring things in a linear 4th dimensional concept of the Universe.
I recently experienced the ‘Universe’ show presented by Prof. Brian Cox. To be honest I was a little disappointed as he presented a very particulate view, similar to what I was taught back in the sixties.
I think he could have been more ‘controversial’ and gone into some of the work spearheaded by Stephen Hawking towards the idea that everything is energy and there are no fundamental particles.
I thought he could have stepped into the metaphysics and asked some questions about the ‘meaning’ of it all. Not to say that the photography on the huge screen and the illustrations weren’t spectacular but it all seemed a little ‘safe’ to me.
I’m sure he’ll be going a little further with his students in Manchester when the new term starts.
It is becoming clear to scientists that, as the spiritualists already know, there is only energy and space and that the Universe is never ending in terms of the space it occupies. It is infinite and “infinity is infinity” there is no ‘end’ to it or boundary around it.
Everything is energy – 3-dimensional matter, light, sound and also thought, mind and spirit are all energy, along with everything else.
Our feelings are energy, and have you noticed that you and I don’t feel things like love or fear in our head?
We feel things in different parts of the body where the hidden energy centres that have no physical form are located – the chakras.
We feel things in our chest, in our gut and in other areas – we just recognise and ‘understand’ those feelings through our consciousness.
The chemical elements that make up 3-dimensional matter consist of a collection of entities (particles – protons, electrons, etc) which when arranged together in a particular way vibrate together at a certain frequency or wavelength.
A diamond (carbon) and a piece of gold are two elements that have different frequencies of vibration, but we can bring them together to make a ring which then vibrates at a slightly different frequency to become what it is.
This applies across the board and includes all living things as well. You and I as human entities vibrate at different frequencies – if we didn’t, we’d look and be exactly the same!
There are of course an unlimited, infinite number of frequencies, the difference between them in most cases way beyond our powers of measurement.
But we don’t need to measure – we can see the difference between things, and we can feel and understand the differences between people and how they think.
Have you ever met someone and felt that you were ‘on the same wavelength’?
I’m sure you have, and what that means is that your thought patterns and feelings are vibrating at similar frequencies – never the same, but very close.
And there are those people who you and I ‘cannot stand’ – people to whom we take an instant dislike. That doesn’t mean they are ‘bad people’; they are just vibrating on a different frequency.
In the same way there are ‘things’ that we ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’ – it’s all about frequency congruence – which brings us back to good vibes and bad vibes.
Amongst other things, the Law of Attraction works on ‘vibrations’ – to attract or manifest something, or someone, you and I have to ‘tune in’ to the frequency of vibration of that thing or person. Just like we tune in to a particular radio or TV station when we want to hear or watch something.
However, it’s not as simple as that. To make manifestation work you have to ‘tune yourself in’, you have to mimic or match the frequency or wavelength of whatever it is you wish to bring into your life.
Dr David Hawkins’ book ‘Power vs Force’ describes two states of energetic vibration similar to the ‘low’ and ‘high flying discs’ described by Esther Hicks.
Hawkins also provides a scale of frequency or ‘consciousness’ that you and I can relate to in terms of how we feel about, and identify with, certain states of mind.
I classify these as 4th and 5th dimensional thinking or ‘human’ and ‘spiritual’ understanding.
As long as we remain in the lower ‘Force’ part of the spectrum you or I will be unable to manifest anything. The Law of Attraction won’t work. We have to be in the ‘Power’ level or on the ‘high flying disc’.
To understand how this works takes a while and I’ll shortly be creating a workshop or online course to help you ‘get’ it, but in the meantime, I offer a ‘short-cut’.
The simplest approach, which works if you are already in the 5th dimensional thinking plane, is to imagine or envision a scene where you already have whatever it is you desire.
Then you should write it down (pen and paper) in as much detail as you need.
It doesn’t have to be in full nitty gritty detail but the more you have the more likely it is that your expectations will be met – if you leave anything out the Universe will provide the ‘nearest match’ (a bit like doing your supermarket shopping on line!)
Meditate on this and envision it at the very minimum once a day – twice is better.
Focus on it.
Really believe it has come to pass.
I’m not really in favour of putting dates on these things because the Universe will only provide for you when the ‘time’ is right. Patience is the thing here, and if you take into account that time doesn’t exist anyway, what’s the point of a date?
Whatever it is you desire is here with you now, you’re just not tuned into it!
So, to paraphrase Timothy Leary – tune in and turn on – what you desire is now here.