Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve used this phrase a few times before and it’s one that rolls easily off the tongue.
Most people though, have very little idea of what it really means.
The best way of putting it is to refer back to Marisa Peer’s ‘Rules of the Mind’ I wrote about in detail a while ago.
There are several of them but the ones that particularly apply here are:
• Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do
• Your mind works to move you from pain to pleasure
• Your mind responds to the pictures you create and the words you say to yourself
• We make our beliefs and our beliefs make us
• Your mind loves what is familiar and rejects the unfamiliar
• Your mind learns by repetition
Put these together with the Laws of the Universe as defined by Raymond Holliwell and augmented by Bob Proctor and you have the formula for creating your personal Universe.
It would take too long to go into detail on this so I’m just going to deal with the results.
There is however, a ‘catch’ in all this and that is that you and I don’t have full control of the process.
You see our ‘mind’ which in this case is our conscious and subconscious minds working together, takes in everything that is going on around us – or should I say that we perceive to be going on around us.
If we allow ourselves to be surrounded and immersed in words and pictures of panic, impending doom and stuff we just don’t understand then we will react instinctively according to the rules
It seems like pain, so we desire to get away, it sounds unfamiliar to we attempt to get back to the familiar. We see pictures and hear stories about how the world as we know t is coming to an end and we react.
We hear repeated ‘bad news’ (hardly ever any ‘good’ news) and begin to ‘learn’ that message and turn it into belief – and our belief becomes who we are and what we do.
We react, we react to what we believe is ‘happening’, what is happening to the world around us and to us.
It becomes our Universe.
Why? – because we made a choice.
We chose to allow ourselves to react to what we perceived rather than to respond.
I carry with me a token given to me by Bob Proctor. On the one side it says, ‘React and you lose Control’ and on the other ‘Respond and you’re in Control’.
Responding is a result of being able to differentiate the words and pictures you and I are generating and those ‘coming at us’ from the alternate universes that we perceive to be ‘outside’ our own.
Responding is about making considered choices – we make choices all the time and probably about half of them are ‘in response’ to something.
You and I are the masters of our own Universe, you and I create what happens there and as such choose who we are and what we do. (That’s the other half of the choices by the way).
We can choose to boost our immune system for example, to heighten its awareness of any perceived threats, whatever they may be and take quicker action against them.
One way of doing that is by using affirmations – “I have a phenomenal immune system” and so on, or you can use a guided meditation/self-hypnosis like this one.
Managing our Selves and different aspects of our human functionality in this way is very effective – if we do it right.
You and I must be really clear on how we wish our personal Universe to be, who we wish to be and what we wish to do and have in our present lives.
If we get it ’wrong’ or more importantly aren’t clear, then ‘anything can happen’. Remember the mind acts on what it thinks you wish it to do together with the words and pictures you give it.
We often imagine ourselves in different ways, paint scenarios, what ifs, negative and positive, we create our own ‘alternates’ – and sometimes they happen, because the mind, connected to ‘the’ Universe believes that’s what we’re after and acts upon it.
You and I must be really precise about what it is we wish for and really clear.
That doesn’t mean though that we have to describe every tiny detail (except those that are important to us), we just have to create a clear and precise picture and avoid using words or phrases that may be ambiguous in describing whatever we wish to manifest in our Universe whether that be to do with wealth, health, relationships or anything else.
If we follow these rules and Laws, you and I can manage and develop our own personal Universes really effectively, but we must remember –
Be careful what you wish for.