The Ultimate Answer

I may have said before that the ultimate answer to ‘life the universe and everything’ is, as Douglas Adams suggested, ‘42’ or ‘whatever you wish it to be’.
But that’s not the real answer, or the real ‘Secret’, and in her book of that name Rhonda Byrne only touched on the edges of the matter.
But then I suppose, in a way it is ‘42’ after all.
Wallace D Wattles in ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ (later retitled ‘Financial Success Through the Power of Creative Thought’) states:
“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.”
That ‘thinking stuff’ is probably better known as Energy which is indeed the ‘original state’ of the ‘thinking stuff’.
Everything is energy and Energy is everything.
There are only two elements to the Universe – Energy and ‘not energy’(otherwise known as Space).
Once you and I fully understand what this means then we do have the ‘secret’, the ‘ultimate answer’ and everything soon becomes clear.
But what IS Energy?
Everything that exists is made up of energy, and the question of what it ‘is’ has been investigated in the fields of quantum mechanics and metaphysics and the idea of ‘string theory’ described in Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’.
You and I though, don’t really need to know what it ‘is’, more how it manifests itself.
Energy manifests as vibrations which occur at an infinite number of frequencies (the number of vibrations per second) and wavelengths (the size of the vibration).
Energy also manifests itself as matter. It was once thought that matter was something separate, but particle physics is rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a particle, just vibrations.
Seemingly ‘solid’ matter is simply a complex system of energy vibrations causing ‘matter’ to exist in a myriad of forms, including life forms.
Now energy, as I think I’ve mentioned before, can neither be created or destroyed, but it can be trans-formed from one form into another. Sometimes this requires energy to be added; let’s say in the form of heat, and sometimes energy may be released, perhaps in the form of light, as matter is changed from one form to another.
Energy is never ‘lost’ but it can be ‘wasted’ if when it’s transformed by our intervention, the energy ‘released’ is not effectively harnessed to carry out the purpose of ‘releasing’ it.
‘We’ require a lot of energy for our ‘civilised’ society to function, energy for heating, lighting, machine power, transportation etc.
The trouble is that the way we ‘generate’ this energy is very primitive and reliant on three-dimensional matter transformation.
Even when we harness solar, wind and tidal power the process is essentially three-dimensional.
Are we missing a trick?
Are we so obsessed with our three-dimensionality that we cannot conceive of any other way to ‘manage’ energy to achieve our objectives?
Why am I talking about dimensions?
You and I generally see the world and the Universe we live in as three dimensional – ‘things’; but the third dimension is only part of the ‘dimensional spectrum’, there are also, in this environment, the fourth and fifth dimensions, the dimensions of thought and ‘presence’, or perhaps ‘belief’ and ‘faith’.
The sixth dimension by the way starts with enlightenment and most people don’t reach it until they have ‘let go’ of the third dimension.
We see the third dimension from the outside, from the fourth dimension – if you are in the third you cannot see it. We comprehend three dimensional objects from the dimension of thought and so on.
You and I are familiar with the idea of a spectrum – the colour spectrum, sound, the electromagnetic spectrum and so on.
We know as well that there are no ‘hard boundaries’ between the colours in a rainbow, the light spectrum and there are no hard boundaries between colours and the infra-red and ultraviolet ‘waves’ at either end.
Importantly, there are no ‘hard boundaries’ between different frequencies and wavelengths – it’s like driving a car, we don’t ‘stop’ at 30 miles an hour and then start again at 30.1 miles an hour.
And there is no end, the spectrum of energy of which these are part goes on and on and on, through al the third dimensional wavelengths and frequencies and into the fourth and so on.
There is no ‘end’.
Have you ever wondered why the symbol for infinity is ?
It has no end, it cones back on itself; now just imagine that symbol on this screen (2 dimensional) as a three-dimensional object and then envelop it in a fourth, fifth and sixth dimension and so on.
All of the dimensions are zones or continuums of energy – everything is energy, there is nothing else.
We are multidimensional beings inhabiting three-dimensional life forms, but mostly we’ve only considered working with the three dimensional area of the energy spectrum.
There is a massive ‘amount’ (if such a measure can exist) of energy ‘available’ to us in the fourth and fifth dimensions but we’ve forgotten how to use it, we’ve forgotten how to transform it (as we do with three dimensional energy) to meet our needs, particularly in the areas of transportation and communication.
The way we do these now consumes massive amounts of transformed three-dimensional energy as engine fuel and electrical power.
The thing is, that before we can go ‘back’ or forward to a decentralised and diversified society we need to crack this energy ‘problem’.
‘Using up’ the three-dimensional resources, or more correctly transforming them into other forms, or finding other ‘sources’ of energy we can transform isn’t going to work for much longer.
We have to find a new way – or more correctly discover, or rediscover ways of doing things, moving about, and communicating that we have, but have forgotten how to use.
Ant there’s the point. The three-dimensional world we live in is all about ‘how’. We spend vast resources of time and effort in figuring out how to do things and how things ‘work’.
Perhaps we should pay more attention to ‘what’ we are doing and ‘why’?