Masters of the Universe

I was inspired to this hearing Queen’s song from ‘A Kind of Magic’ and the film ‘Highlander’. I’m taking a bit of a liberty as the words are really ‘Princes of the Universe’ but it, and to an extent the underlying theme of the film, relates to the same thing.
We are Masters of the Universe, in fact, we are the Universe.
Now this is best explained in the Neale Donald Walsch trilogy+1 (four books) ‘Conversations with God’ but it is also in the Bible, Al-Qur’an, and most other ‘Holy’ books you care to inspect.
You can also find this reasoning in Napoleon Hill, Wallace D Wattles, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Thomas Troward, Andrrea Hess, Esther Hicks and Henry David Thoreau to name but a few.
It’s not surprising really that not many years ago these sort of books were kept at the back of the bookshop next to the ‘Occult’ section with books on witchcraft and magick – how things could be made to happen by the power of the mind.
And before that all these people would have been considered blasphemers, sorcerers, witches or heretics – and that includes the writers of the Holy Books when they first appeared – and in most cases exiled, incarcerated or executed.
Walsch states clearly that ‘we’ are all unique individuations of the Universe, that there is ‘only one of us’ and that ‘together’ we make up and are the Universe. Add to this Mary Morrisey’s statement that we are infinite beings inhabiting a human existence and we begin to understand what and who we really are.
We should also remember as Hill says, that (a) everything is energy which can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed and (b) everything is created twice, first in thought, which is a form of energy, and then in ‘reality’, also a form of energy.
There may of course be more than one ‘step’ to turn those thoughts into realities.
Let’s just consider the nature of ‘reality’.
The first thing that comes to mind for most people is that ‘reality’ is represented by a three dimensional entity of some kind, an object, but it could also, for example, be a child – the thought comes first, then the birth.
But there are other outcomes or realities that arise from the original thought or ‘intention’.
You and I are quite familiar with setting intentions, goals and plans to achieve an outcome, result or ‘reality’. It’s what we do all the time.
We are, in effect, building or creating our own Universe within ‘the’ Universe.
You and I are ‘masters’ of our own Universes.
But what’s going on when things ’happen’, things come to pass, that we didn’t actively intend, we didn’t ‘conjure up’?
Simple, we wished for them to happen, we thought them into existence.
Yes, all of them, all of it, everything, no exceptions.
But it’s more than just what we ‘wish’ for, it’s what we imagine, what we speculate on, what we complain about, what we moan about, what ‘winds us up’, what we daydream and all those ‘what if’s we indulge in.
It all adds up to produce an often unintended ‘outcome’ that ‘does its best’ to satisfy all those thoughts.
And there’s something else. Because there are so many of ‘us’ who are all part of the ‘one’ of us things tend to harmonise (although I’m not sure that’s quite the right word) and a ‘consensus’ – but not really a consensus – of what we all ‘want’ is arrived at in the form of the outcome.
This is not targeted goal setting. We don’t all agree on something and bring it about, it’s quite random.
You see there’s something else going on.
Because there are two ‘parts’ to our mind, one supposedly ‘logical’ and the other more eclectic and intuitive, we as symbiotic creatures have become very ‘suggestible’.
We are easily manipulated, not necessarily deliberately or even directly, but more subtly by all the things we see, hear and read, all the ‘information’ we take in, all the ‘entertainment’ we enjoy, and all the ‘advertising’ we are subjected to..
We reprocess all this stuff to create something that becomes our mindset, pour paradigm or our ‘opinion’.
And then we go and tell others and the cycle repeats.
To summarise all this (a) we take in ‘information’ which may be true or false and is often based on another individuals opinion (b) we reprocess and re-form it and (c) we generate and then deliver our own opinion.
Bu there are an infinite number of ‘opinions’ around at any one time which also take the form of wishes, complaints, desires, intentions and feelings.
‘Thoughtforms’ would probably be a better word than ‘opinion’ perhaps.
These ‘thoughtforms’ are energy and they transform the energy of the planet and the people on it into an outcome intended to satisfy the mass of original ‘thoughts’.
It’s complicated I know, but that is how things ‘happen’.
Perhaps it’s better explained by saying that nothing ‘happens’ unless it is initiated, invoked or ‘conjured up’ by a thoughtform or set of thoughtforms from different people.
Whatever is ‘happening’ today is a result of our collective wishes, deliberate or unconscious.
There are no external malevolent (or otherwise) forces.
It’s just ‘us’ – and as Walsch repeats many times – there is only one of us.
That ‘one’ of us, or of you prefer that ‘all’ of us, really are the Master of the Universe.
What we say, think, believe, complain about, speculate about, wonder about, moan about, talk about, write about, is what causes everything to ‘happen’.
Be careful out there.